Why Would I Exchange Microseismic Data?

If You Need Information

Knowledge is power.  Reduce your risk by learning more about your area of interest as you develop your project plans.

Knowledge about things such as frac'ing characteristics, formation velocity and fracture geometry in your area of interest can have a significant impact on your ability to accurately plan and budget for your own surveys and development efforts.  

  • hydraulic fracture geometry
  • microseismic response
  • microseismic source parameters
  • comparison of vendor processing and reports
  • comparison of acquisition methods and array response

If You Have Microseismic Data

Achieve better return on your microseismic investments by leasing your surplus information.  Or consider trading it for some other data in an area of interest to you.

Data you have acquired might be old news to you, but very valuable to others who are working the same region, or want to know more about the general geology and fracture charactistics prior to making a large investment in acquiring new data of their own.